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we cover areas such as:

Objective of WordPress Developer Course

  • Learn Basics to Advanced modules in WordPress.
  • Learn how to add plugins and themes.
  • Successfully organise and present content in WordPress.
  • Creative Digital Campaigns
  • Start learning SEO Friendly Website Development.
  • Learn Blog posting and Blog creation on a Website.

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    Course Details of WordPress Development Training Course

    When you enrol in the full-stack WordPress developer Course with Hindi and English language, you'll get in-depth instruction on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You'll also have a thorough understanding of how to use these principles with WordPress in order to create quality websites. You don't need any prior experience or coding knowledge - we are teachers first and foremost. Our courses are designed specifically to be user-friendly and easy to follow. When you're through our course, you'll not only be able to code in three primary languages, but you will also have remarkable coding proficiency. We're so confident about our course that we guarantee your success!

    Our courses are designed to be as per industry standards and SEO requirements by Google, Bing, and other search engines. We also offer WordPress consultancy services for our customers, led by our professional WordPress developers. All lessons in all our courses are designed with detailed step-by-step instructions and practical knowledge, including references to editor pages and library details that beginners can quickly access. Our content includes resources lists relevant to individual topic areas to get you started on your journey very quickly.

    You'll be a WordPress developer in just a few months. WordPress is used by over 50% of all websites because it's easy to learn, deploy, and develop on. Our WordPress Development Course is designed for beginners and experts alike to help you master the WordPress CMS. You don't need any programming experience, either—WordPress development is easy with our beginner-friendly training. Build your website in minutes while learning practical skills like integrating themes, launching plugins, working with comments and more. Get a certificate at the end.

    Our courses include video tutorials and live sessions. Our courses are designed as per business standards and SEO requirements by Google, Bing, and other search engines. We also help the business community with WordPress consultancy led by our professional WordPress developers. All lessons of our courses are designed with step-by-step guides and practical knowledge, editor references, and library details for beginners who have just started the course. We provide all topics-wise resources lists to quickly start the development of sites and add a new skill to your profile. Start your journey and you will experience WordPress development in just a few months.

    In our WordPress Course, you will learn all about the theme, plugins, and how to set them up. We will teach you how to choose a theme that's right for your business, how to install it and configure it so it works with your content, and then we'll move on to the plugins that help your site do even more!


    Online & Offline WordPress Training Syllabus

    When you start with Website Development, you need to learn the concepts about Domain, Hosting and many other important points. You will also learn about XAMPP, WAMP or AppServer.


    WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that powers 40% of the websites in the world. It's easy to install and use, and you can use it on any platform and in any language. This course will teach you how to install WordPress, and then you'll follow along as we build your first demo website!

    In this course, we will be talking about the difference between Pages and Posts in WordPress. This is a very important topic for WordPress developers because it allows them to create new posts, edit existing posts and manage pages. We will explain how to create new posts, new pages, edit existing posts along with useful functionalities like category and tags. You will learn how to use this category and tags for better navigation of WordPress websites.

    Media Management is a feature in WordPress that allows you to manage your media files. It allows you to add, edit and delete media files such as images and videos from within the dashboard of your website.

    If you want to learn more about this feature we will discuss how to use it. We will also talk about ways to improve image performance with Media Management.

    Crack any MNCs Interview of WordPress

    What is WordPress?

    WordPress is the best open source content management system that allows you to use it free of cost. You can use it on any personal or commercial website without having to pay a single rupee for it. The only thing you need is a decent internet connection and a basic understanding of WordPress.

    Do you need to have a blog to use WordPress for a site?

    WordPress is a content management system that can be used for many different purposes, including web design, publishing, and administration. WordPress is often used as a blogging platform because of its ease of use and flexibility. However, WordPress can also be used for other things like business websites, corporate portals, and much more.

    Is a Website on WordPress safe?

    Yes, your website is safe on WordPress but you should keep your WordPress up to date to avoid hacking. Hacking is a big problem and it can be hard to stay safe, but we've got some tips that might help.

    How to develop a WordPress plugin?

    - You need to come up with a unique name for the plugin.
    - Create the plugin folder with a sub folder for PHP files.
    - Create the main plugin file.
    - Create functions for activation and deactivation.
    - Create an uninstall script and readme.txt file.